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Sports Travel is big business. Everyone is trying to jump the sports travel bandwagon - travel agencies, meeting & conference planners, online reservation agencies. But do they know sports? Are their human and technological systems geared toward the intricacies of the sports travel market?

Call us #sportsgeeks.


Sports travelers do not want to feel like just one of the masses nor a proverbial square peg forced into the round hole of mass market sports housing bureaus. Our promise to all our clients is not to let them feel this way. Our mission has always been to be your sports travel concierge — whether assisting your athletes and team managers or your destination sports commission and CVBs—so that the “big business” remains personalized, attentive, convenient, and focused on sports.

With Avanti, you will get the right sports travel solution:

  • We are passionate about sports
  • We know sports events and how they are run
  • We have multi-sport experience varying from 500 room night events to 10,000+ championships, over a single weekend to a full week of competition
  • We intimately understand the sports traveler needs so the participant and/or team travel coordinator can sit back and let Avanti do all the work, literally
  • We join personal concierge with the right reservation system
  • We understand a sporting event’s set-up, deadlines and rules of play so we optimally structure hotel contracts to fit the sport (unlike others whose contracts may leave the event organizations with financial and other risks)
  • We are strongly committed to tracking room nights consumed and maximizing our client’s revenue stream. Our 96% to 100% capture rate is concrete evidence of this commitment

With Avanti, you will get the right sports travel partner who has long-standing trust-based relationships with hoteliers across the USA —not outsourced staff sitting in front of a computer screen

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