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Team, Club & University Travel

"You make my job so easy!"

That IS our goal. We want to hear that sentiment each and every time we work with a team's travel coordinator. Our premise is to take the hassle out of sports travel while saving our clients time and money. Coaches, participants, and team travel coordinators shouldn't have to phone countless hotels to find reasonable rates and nearby locations.

Here's how we achieve our goal:

  • We research the market and provide a short list of hotels and transportation meeting team needs and budget.
  • We do all the contracting with the selected hotel and transportation at discounted nightly rates.
  • We create a 24/7 travel info web page customized to your team.
  • We provide your team an online booking link, if needed, where parents and fans can reserve rooms securely.
  • We provide the team’s manager/travel administrator with 24/7 access to view and manage your room list.
  • We obtain hotel confirmation numbers so you don't have to chase these yourself.
  • We ask you to sit back and let us do the work!

Are you a Club of Teams?

We want to be your Club's in-house travel planner--a complimentary one-stop service providing hotel accommodation, air travel, and ground transportation. Plus, we make sure that there are benefits not only for your Club and your teams, but also advantages straight on down to the individual player travelers:

  • Revenue generating opportunities for the club
  • Free coach's hotel room programs
  • Hassle-free travel so team managers can focus on all the other aspects of managing a team
  • Discounted (cost-saving) rates with hotels
  • Coordinated hotel booking to benefit multi-player families

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